Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Automotive Data Guru


Automotive Data Guru, due to its visibility of the DVLA Data and its in-depth vehicle coding methodology,  which is associated to every vehicle which is on the road in the UK, via its VIN, strategically places Auto Data Guru in a unique position to create and provide a number of advanced applications and services to assist the industry considerably.

To date these include:

Data Cleansing

This allows owners of vehicles to check the Identification and Definition of their vehicles, to ensure accuracy and misrepresentation of vehicles is eliminated or at least minimised. Additional benefits due to correct and accurate definition are gained when association to other required industry data, such as valuations, service data etc…

Keeper Change

This service provides registered clients to receive notification of vehicles which change hands, enabling them to ensure that both vehicle and their client details are always updated and databases remain accurate. Numerous benefits are gained from this service such as, the opportunity to contact customers that may have not returned, ensuring marketing and service reminders only go to relevant customers, etc…

Monday, 2 February 2015

Automotive Data Guru

Match:Guru - Version 1.5 is released

Vehicle Parts Cataloguing has taken another step to becoming easier through further intelligents which has been built into the latest version of Match:Guru, with specialist Vehicle Components, Tyres and Batteries entry screens being introduced.
If you’re involved in Data or Components Association to Vehicles, you should be arranging an online demonstration.

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